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Why Kanban?

Kanban boards are recognised as a significant contributor to improving productivity. They are seen as an industry standard method for supporting Agile delivery and we use this service ourselves for internal and client project delivery. The interface is browser based (no software installation is required) and the tool can be shared across multiple organisations if required. It also supports Mobile and Tablet devices where appropriate. Kanban boards are simple to use and wholly intuitive allowing anyone to easily work with them and to modify them.


Why Secure Kanban?

The information held within a Kanban board needs to be secure. Control over access to content is imperative both within an organisation and perhaps more importantly, when shared externally. Kanban boards have leaked into the public domain causing, as a minimum, significant embarrassment. Our Secure Kanban service is hosted and managed in a UK-based, secure environment, providing real peace of mind.

Why our service?

The Viewdeck Service is perfect for any organisation that needs a slick Kanban board that requires a secure service wrap. You have full control over your data and no one else has access to it. Your Kanban board is there for you, when you want to use it, secure and backed up.

You can access a demonstration of our service here, and learn more about it here.

The service forms part of our Secure Productivity Suite that includes fileshare, project management tooling, chat and collaboration amongst other services. These services provide a light-weight and cost effective online collaboration zone for teams to work together more effectively. SaaS Shop is designed to allow customers to consume products on demand. No long term commitments, simple to use, simple to consume. You can download detailed information, request a demonstration, organise a trial or purchase product from our website.

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